About This Site

      Thank you for your interest in the Lambert Family web site. This site is intended to be an extension of the book published in 2005, 2010 and 2012 titled "The Lambert Family of Old Wythe County Virginia.". This effort is being undertaken to provide updated information, not included in the book, to those individuals who are descendants of Henry Lambert Sr. (1736-1814) and Maria Daude (1742-1802), or have contributed information used in the book. Individuals who purchased, or contributed to the book, will automatically be entitled to access to this site.
      As this is an enormous task, we welcome any who have either a little, or a lot, of HTML design experience, to join us in expanding the initial work used in the publication. If you have no experience in web design work, little effort and expense is required to learn how to help in this exercise. As was the case with the initial publication, factual data MUST have accompanying sources or references. This site will provide immediate access to copies of the relative photographs, marriage, death, census and related family documents. These documents will be “tied” to the fact or individual as they appear in the text by a “view” option next to the appropriate location.
A sample family page link is accessible here.
     When the site becomes available, clicking on individuals highlighted in blue text, will take the viewer to that individuals parents and siblings. When both husband and wife are descendants of Henry & Maria, the spouse will also have this viewing feature. All photographs and documents are printable on 8½ X 11 paper in either portrait or landscape format. The text size can be expanded using the "zoom" function on most browsers, without losing automatic word wrap.