Seventh Generation

1759. Edward Smith Stowers Sr. (Mary Isabel Lambert-6, Stephen-5, Samuel-4, Johannes Lambert-3, Johann Heinrich "Henry Sr."-2, Johann Gerhard Nicholas-1) was born on 10 April 1876 in Bland Co., Virginia.2387(page-1)(pg-2) Edward's middle name is shown as Oliver on his birth record. The parents are listed as E.G. & Mary Stowers. His middle name is shown as Smith on his death record. His wife was the informant, so Smith will be shown here. He is shown born in May on his death record. His birth record is used here. A photograph of the home where Edward was born is available here. The home is still located in Bland Co., Va., several hundred yards up the side of Brushy Mountain behind the old farmhouse of Stephen Lambert's grandson, Stephen Greever Lambert. Legend says it was built on land given to newlyweds Mary Isabel Lambert and Erastus Stowers (Edward's parents) by her father Stephen Lambert. Mary and Erastus sold it to the Davis family upon their departure for Nebraska about 1892. (Thomas R. Harner 10/03)
      He appeared in the census on 11 June 1900 in Portsmouth, Scioto Co., Ohio.3049 The 1900 census has Edward's family as: Edward S. Stowers [R.R. section worker] a.24 b.May 1875 Va. & Maggie M. a.18 b.Feb 1882 Va. Bland County Va. birth records show Edward's birth year as 1876. The census shows Edward and Maggie being married for 2 years with Maggie having had no children. Edward is living next to his father Erastus in this census.
      He appeared in the census on 3 May 1910 in Clay Twp., Scioto Co., Ohio.3050 The 1910 census has Edward's family as: Edward Stowers [farm laborer] a.32, Maggie a.23(sic), Edna a.7, Charlie a.6, Awrie a.4, Arther a.2 & Ellie M. a.2/12. The census shows Edward & Maggie being married once for 9 years with Maggie having 6 children with 5 alive in 1910.
      Edward lived on Chillicothe Pike in Clay Twp., Scioto Co., Ohio in 1910.1534
      He appeared in a WW I draft registration record on 12 Sep 1918 in Athens Co., Ohio.649 Ed gives his address as R.F.D. #1, Athens, Athens Co., Ohio. He states that he is a farmer at that address, and lists his wife, Magpie Melvina Stowers, of the same address, as his nearest relative. He is described as being of medium height and build, with blue eyes and brown hair. He signed his name Ed Smith Stowers.
      He appeared in the census on 20 January 1920 in Ames Twp., Athens Co., Ohio.3051 The 1920 census has Edward's family as: Edward S. Stowers a.44, Margaret a.36, Edna a.19, Charles a.17, Anna a.16, Arthur a.13, Myrtle a.10, Dorothy a.8, Fannie a.5, Irene a.2 8/12. All are shown being born in Ohio.
     He appeared in the census on 12 Apr 1930 in Dover Twp., Athens Co., Ohio.3796 The 1930 census has Edward's family as: Edward S. Sowers(sic) [farm laborer] a.54, b.Va. Maggie a.48 b.Va., Myrtle Tippie [daughter] a.20 b.Ohio, Roy Sowers(sic) [son] a.9, Edward Sowers(sic) [son] a.7 b.Ohio & Guy Tippie [son-in-law] [coal mine laborer] a.22 b.Ohio. The census shows Edward & Maggie being married for 32 years and Myrtle & Guy Tippie for 2.
      He died on 12 March 1944 in Nelsonville, Athens Co., Ohio.3052,1669
      He was buried on 14 March 1944 in the Connett Cemetery, Nelsonville, Athens Co., Ohio. 1669
      Edward shows his given name as Edward S. in the 1900 census. The children in this family are taken from the 1920 census and may be incorrect.

Edward Smith Stowers Sr. and Margaret Melvina "Maggie" Hall (daughter of William Hall and Sarah Taylor) were married on 1 November 1899 in Bland Co., Virginia.371,1526
Margaret Melvina "Maggie" Hall was born in 19 October 1883 in Bland Co., Virginia.1669,371,1526 Maggie is shown at age 16 on her marriage record.
      She died on 13 December 1952 in Chancy, Athens Co., Ohio.3052
      She was buried after 13 December 1952 in the Greenlawn Cemetery, Nelsonville, Athens Co., Ohio.3052

Edward Oliver Stowers Sr.-6092 and Margaret Melvina "Maggie" Hall-6563 had the following children:



male Stowers was born on 26 January 1901 in Portsmouth, Scioto Co., Ohio.3053
      He died on 29 January 1901 in Portsmouth, Scioto Co., Ohio.3053 The child's father is shown as E. S. Stowers.



Edna Stowers-6565



Charles M. Stowers-6566



Anna "Awrie" Stowers-6567



Arthur S. Stowers Sr.-6568



Myrtle Elda Stowers-6569



Dorothy Stowers-6570



Fannye Kathryn Stowers-6571



Irene Stowers was born in May 1917 in Athens Co., Ohio.2718
      She appeared in the census on 9 Apr 1930 in Delaware Co., Ohio.4334 The 1930 censu has Irene as: Irene Stowers [inmate] a.12 b.Ohio p.b.W.Va.



Roy C. Stowers3052 was born 25 Jul 1920 in Athens Co., Ohio.867,3796
      Roy died 25 Sep 1975 in Ostrander, Delaware Co., Ohio.1062
      The given name, birth and death information shown here for Roy has not been confirmed. Other family researchers have his given name as Ray.(3/10).



Edward "Sherman" Stowers Jr.-8236